Our Story: Glamour Jazz Candles

What started off as a fun hobby idea started as a small business. I remember it was back in middle part of 2020 I had mentioned to my Husband you what honey I seriously want to start my own small business.At the time I somewhat didn’t know what I wanted to do starting up a small business, my husband was like “ baby why don’t you make candles for a living “ I said to my husband you what doesn’t sound like a bad idea. And here I am a year and half later making candles for elegant candles for any special occasion. I’ve been a small business owner for for about 2 years now I’m so thankful to god and my Husband for being in my life. I am blessed to have started a hobby into a small business.I love making candles for any special occasion and putting time and effort and dedication into making our products. And imagine the look on your faces as it lights up smelling the beautiful scents in our huge candle collection on our shelf of our handcrafted candles. Thanks and appreciate you taking the time to check out and to purchase from our candle collection. we strive to bring a high quality experience from glamour Jazz candles.